MAISON D’ AURAINE envisions to operate as a profitable and sustainable business. To accomplish this, we aim to develop business processes that protect the environment. Our path to work in an environment friendly way includes sourcing organic and natural ingredients in a responsible and sustainable manner, using materials that are energy efficient, create a safe working environment for our employees and transparent business practices with our suppliers and positively impact the socio-economic conditions of the global communities that we daily touch. Backed by technological innovations and research we are creating products that are successfully combining performance and sustainability.

Sustainability is embedded in the way we operate and underpin the value we create for the communities that we work in, for our millions of consumers and for the other stakeholders in the beauty industry.


To positively impact the socio-economic conditions while creating a sustainable and profitable business plan


To protect the environment by sourcing renewable and sustainable raw materials


To create and encourage sustainable business practices with employees, suppliers as well as stakeholders by bilieving in our core values and product portfolio


To socially improve the lives of people through community involvement and support for social causes.